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Common Sense Too
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Common Sense Too
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Common Sense Too: Part 1
Preface - Introduction to Understanding Freedom:

Freedom begins with Knowledge. Learn what you sense in your heart. Demand sovereignty over your own life and respect the sovereignty of your neighbor. For in demanding your freedom you protect my freedom. For in taking responsibility for your decisions you balance wants with humanity.

I have yet to figure out how to get published so I decided to put my book up on my own website. The message of individual sovereignty and natural rights must be learned during these trying times. I hope you will spend the time to understand the concept of natural rights so that you are better equipped to battle the pressures of big government. I hope you will learn that even though politics is the art of compromise, it is not ok to compromise your principles, your sovereignty.

In this book you will find me arguing for a constitutional convention. My arguments address faults that I have found in our constitution that have been exploited by our modern politicians. However, at this time we can not allow a constitutional convention to occur as the socialistic influences in our society have a real chance of controling the proceedings, and then our freedoms will be lost forever. We must first reach a point where the majority of the country understands the virtues of limited government and individual sovereignty before we can design a constitution that respects our freedom as individuals.

While I find some faults in the details of our constitution as expressed in this book, I find no fault in the general design of society as presented in our constitution and as designed by our founding fathers. Each person is a nation unto themself. Power is granted from the people to the government as prudently required to allow us to thrive as individuals together. The government is not an entity but a tool to guide us in working together to increase prosperty and freedom. Government is limited to this goal. A Republic form of government where powers are limited to specifically enumerated powers, as designed by our founders, is the best form of government to protect freedom while preventing choas.

But keep in mind that OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT HAS PERVERTED OUR CONSTITUTION. They run our government as a DEMOCRACY NOT A REPUBLIC. The specific limited powers given the government are now UNLIMITED, restricted only by their ability to gain a majority vote. The sovereignty we once enjoyed as individuals has been lost as we have not stood against unlawful intrusions by our federal government into matters once reserved to the states and to the people.

Only through ignorance can a Democracy thrive under a constitution designed as a limited government Republic. We play a game of compromise, pretending to follow the constitution in hope of gaining advantage over our neighbors while lessening our own responsibilities. And in the process we lose our freedom and our souls for the sake of physical comforts. The politicians are more than happy to step in and oblige us in our compromise, of coarse at their gain.

I hope you come to embrace the concept of individual sovereignty after reading this book. But you need to understand the concept of individual sovereignty before you can stand against the presures and compromises that reduce freedom. We can debate the best path to maximize individual freedom as freedom must be balanced with responsibility. But Freedom as the ultimate goal must never be compromised.