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Common Sense Too: Part 3
Tyranny through Taxation:

Just imagine you were starting a new financial system in a new country of say 100 people. You might create a currency by gathering some precious metals and then tie that currency to the value of that metal. Each person would get a share based on the value of the metal they collected and contributed. Or you could start out by distributing the currency equally amongst the people. Each person then could specialize in a line of work to help support his fellow countrymen.

Free market supply and demand principles would dictate the exchange of goods and services with the new currency as the scorecard. Those who produce valued products and services more efficiently would be rewarded by earning a higher portion of the currency. All would benefit as each person would be motivated to produce more in a more efficient manor. Each person could specialize in a trade that they both enjoyed doing and are good at doing as long as there is a demand for that trade. Each person would be motivated to work as the alternative would be to produce for all of his needs himself.

As the size of your new country increased there would be a need to increase the amount of currency. This could be accomplished fairly by purchasing more precious metals and adding that to your original store of metals. The newly printed currency would be given to the countrymen who collected this gold and thus the money supply would be increased. Or you could print new currency and distribute this amongst the countrymen in proportion to the currency that they presently hold at the time of the printing. This would deflate the value of the precious metals in your store but would affect each countryman equally.

Now imagine if you designated one of your one hundred countrymen to head a national bank. This bank could keep the precious metals in its store and this countryman would decide when and how to increase the money supply. This would be fine if your currency was based on precious metals. When your designated banker would want to increase the money supply he would purchase more precious metals collected by the countrymen and thus the new money would be distributed.

But what if you decided not to base your currency on a store of precious metal. Imagine if you converted your currency over to the Good Faith and Credit of your countrymen. The first question I would ask is who gets the store of precious metals? But that question aside let us consider how a currency based on Good Faith and Credit would work. You and your fellow countrymen have a track record of producing a certain level of goods and services each year. Someone accepting this currency as payment for a product or service he produces is accepting your currency because he has faith that when he goes to redeem the currency for his goods and services by presenting this newly acquired currency that he will receive goods and service of equal value to those that he gave. By accepting your currency this merchant is showing confidence in the Credit of your currency.

So as long as your currency is backed by the production of your fellow countrymen and as long as that production remains stable or increases as a whole, the currency will be viewed as Credit Worthy exchange for goods and services. As prosperity occurs in your new country you might need to increase the money supply. Your central bank could print more money with the Good Faith and Credit of all the countrymen behind it. But how would you distribute this money?

One example might be if your new country needs to raise an army in defense of the country. In our example say that the total circulation of currency is $100,000. The central bank prints $30,000 to raise your countryís new army. Each personís currency in hand becomes less valuable because $130,000 circulation is required to purchase what previously was purchased with $100,000. Each person would get less value for their goods and services because more money is trying to purchase the same amount of products and services. But every person is benefiting from the protection of the new Army and they are likely to accept this arrangement. As long as each countryman has faith that they are being fairly compensated both through valued currency and the protection of the Army then they will continue to provide more goods and service as they are in turn rewarded for their efforts. If your country was not in need of an Army then the same harmony could be maintained by distributing the money to all your countrymen in proportion to the currency they hold.

Letís take your financial system to the next level. What if your central bank and the person you designate as the central banker could print money backed by the good faith and credit of you and your countrymen and that money became a deposit of that central bank. This could benefit everyone in your country as capital would become available for investment in businesses. For example the capital could be used for a new farming tool that increases the output of each farmerís crops for the same amount of labor. The total supply of goods and services of your country would go up to the benefit of all.

But this is where manís vices and ambitions could manifest itself through power when a few men control the currency and thus the good faith and credit of all the countrymen. Is it any surprise that the bankers and financial brokers appear to be the richest amongst us even though they produce nothing more than administrative duties? Could they use their control of our good faith and credit to benefit their friends first over the benefit of the whole country? In turn could not those friends return the favor through preferred business dealings? A central bank with little oversight is tyranny waiting to happen. Eventually the tyrants will find this tool. The Bankers take their tidings and we supply the Good Faith and Credit that is their power.

Now introduce a government into the equation. You could use the currency in a limited government to fairly fund necessary functions that benefit all the countrymen equally such as defense spending. Or you can allow the government unlimited powers to spend the money for the GENERAL WELFARE of the countrymen. (700 billion sounds like a good starting point) The tyranny that is possible with such a tool. A banker and a politician prints new currency, hands it out to the countrymen, of coarse they keep their generous salary as their high standing in society requires, and then they expects praise and admiration for their generosity to the people.

Those who support the politicianís re-election might just get a bigger share of that printed currency. Keep in mind that the currency they printed is valued by the products and services made by the work of you and your fellow countrymen. Keep in mind that they produced nothing. These tyrants have bought your loyalty with your own sweat and blood all the while not having to raise 1 penny in taxes.

You can only print so much money as each countryman will start to notice that his output is getting him less and less in return for his work. So the politician will also resort to taxing the public to increase his power and standing. The trick is fooling the taxpayer into believing that he is getting more in benefits from the government than he is paying in taxes and sweat. Remember the Thomas Jefferson Quote:

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

To put it another way, a democracy is destine to fail when the electorate finds they can vote themselves benefits.

Unlike Dictators and Monarch, who use the force of their military to oppress their people, our tyrants must use the illusion of freedom to impose their tyranny and take our natural rights as their own power. Instead of using force they use taxation and your Good Faith and Credit to enhance their position while claiming that you still retain your natural rights.

There are several elements to this deception. The first element is to corrupt the constitution while retaining enough parts from the constitution to give the appearance that your tyrants are following the rule of law. Our constitution is base on the concept that all rights come from God to the individual. All powers the government has are granted to it from the people through a constitutional convention as documented by our constitution. The government has limited power as specifically enumerated in that Constitution. All other powers are retained by individuals.

Your vote through the democratic process is the first key to the deception. You have the right to vote for your representatives therefore you must be a free individual. How can the politicians inflict their tyranny upon you when you can vote them out of power? But I would ask you, If you are a sovereign individual, who retains all rights as an individual except for specifically enumerated limited powers given to the government through a constitutional convention, then how can the majority vote to control your life including decisions that only effect your own life?

They can take your money and only give it back to you when you retire on the governmentís terms. They can take your money and only give it back when you educate your kids on the governmentís terms. They can take your money and only give it back when you get medical treatment on the governmentís terms. How have you retained your natural rights when the government can tax away your time and work only to give it back when you comply with their directives. Your right to vote gives you the illusion that you retain your natural rights.

The Supreme Court is the next element to the deception. The voters must be convinced that they are following the rule of law with their vote through their representatives. By using the Supreme Court as the final arbiters of the meaning of the constitution we have converted the constitution from a tool with limited powers as given from individuals through a constitutional convention, to an entity under the rule of man as defined and represented by the Supreme Court. With the Supreme Court as its shield, congress can redefine the words and intents of the constitutional convention at the expense of individual sovereignty and natural rights.

The court will make many rulings that gives the appearance that they are the protectors of our natural rights, but the only ruling required to destroy our natural rights and liberty is the ruling that allows congress unlimited taxing power for the GENERAL WELFARE of the people. This ruling might as well read the congress shall have unlimited taxing power over the natural rights and liberties of the people.

The shield is in place. The congressís power is cemented. They have the entity of the U.S. Government and the shield of the Supreme Court as their proof of superior standing in their quest for power and their application of tyranny. If anyone on the Supreme Court might be reading these words:


But the deception is not complete. As the oppressed can vote the oppressors out of office, the tyrant must separate the individuals into groups. These groups must then be combined in a skilled manner to reach a majority of the electorate. The skilled tyrant will pit the groups against each other as the fear produced is their opportunity for power. This politician will use the taxing power unjustly taken and distribute your currency amongst the groups to the proper proportions required to reach his goal of 51% of the vote. Since the oppressed are many and the elite are few, the generous tidings taken by the elite will go unnoticed.

Finally to conceal the oppression caused by unlimited taxation the politician will hide his confiscation of your Good Faith and Credit by taxing you in so many different ways and invisible ways that the oppressed have no idea of the extent of their oppression and therefore are less likely to rise up against it. As seen above, by printing money the tyrant can raise significant revenues without taxing the oppressed even 1 penny.

The tyrant could impose a progressive tax where the bottom 50% of the population pays little or no tax. But as the rich are in control of the economy they will just add their extra burden into the products that they sell and the oppressed will never notice the higher prices they pay in each product they buy. Of coarse the companies will also be taxed highly as they have no vote needed by the tyrant to reach his position of high standing in the society. This cost too shall be passed on to the oppressed in the form of higher product costs or lower wages.

The tax on companies will be a source of power for the tyrant as a reduced level of taxation can be in turned funneled legally or illegally back to the tyrant. Other forms of taxes available to the tyrant can take the form of un-funded mandates, property taxes, sin taxes, tolls and use taxes. Many of the oppressed will think that they are paying little or nothing in taxes while receiving many benefits from the government. This will become the bases for the tyrantís re-election all the while taking individualís sovereignty as his own.

Of coarse nothing could be further from the truth as all currency is based on the Good Faith and Credit of individualís sweat and labor and therefore all government expenditures come from your own toiling. YOU ARE SELLING YOUR VOTE FOR A BRIBE THAT COMES FROM YOUR OWN POCKET! AT THE COST OF YOUR NATURAL RIGHTS!

A central bank with monopoly power to print money.
A congress that bypasses limited government restrictions in the constitution.
A supreme court to act as a shield of legitimacy
Politicians skilled at deception and dividing the electorate
Hidden layered taxes designed to mask the extent of the tyranny

With all these elements in place you are deceived into thinking you are a free man when in truth you are a slave of the elite through taxation.