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Common Sense Too: Part 3
Balanced Sovereignty - Legacy of Liberty:

I call for all who cherish freedom to join in the quest to extend the Legacy of Liberty started by our founding fathers. We too can live up to the great standards of our forefathers by leaving our own legacy of liberty to future generations. United together we can overcome the ills of men who strive for their own power, over the natural yearning of freedom that each of us is born with.

Through ignorance and apathy we allow those who are motivated by their own ambitions to degrade the freedom that was won with the blood of our forefathers. Only through a commitment to the principles behind individual freedom can we leave this same legacy for our Posterity.

Let’s work together to draft a new Constitution. The constitution our founding fathers left us with was originally designed for a republic, not a democracy. Over the years men, more interested in their own power, have eroded the true meaning and design of our constitution, enriching their own lives at the cost of our liberty. The only way to overcome this tyranny is to take on the challenge of drafting a new constitution.

The first step required in this journey is to recognize the greatness in all of us. We put our founding fathers on a pedestal while judging ourselves to be unworthy of their accomplishments. But they were just ordinary men who had the courage to do extraordinary feats. We too can be extraordinary, as we to are born with the same yearning for freedom that our founding fathers and all men are born with.

Our individual rights come to us from God. Government shall only have those powers that are given to it from the people as Individuals. Government must be limited to only those powers and functions necessary to enhance the freedom and liberty of each person. A government that intrudes on an individual’s rights and sovereignty, for the good of that individual, is more of an invader on the soul than a protector of the physical being. Together we can restore our government to a secondary role behind individual freedom.

Next we have to look to our history and acknowledge the wrong turns that changed our government from a republic, which protected the rights of individuals, to a democracy, where the collective good took precedent over individual rights. This change can be traced backed to the time when those who wished to expand their power redefined the meaning of the words “General Welfare” in our constitution. Previously this term was a catchall phrase so that Congress would have the power to fund functions necessary to support specifically enumerated powers in the Constitution such as National Defense.

Our modern Supreme Court ruled “General Welfare” is not limited to specifically enumerated functions. They ruled that this was an unlimited clause allowing Congress unlimited powers to tax our money away and return it in the form of mandates on our lives and on our souls. Before this, the people had the power in a Republic form of government, after this we became a democracy, and any power taken was only a function of whom or what issue could garner the majority of the votes.

We have to recognize that the original design of our constitution has been corrupted. We have to correct the error that allowed this to occur or we will burden our children with the curse of tyranny, instead of blessing them with Legacy of Liberty.

In designing a new Constitution, I first call on you to consider eliminating a part of our original constitution that most of you would consider sacred. The Bill of Rights must not be included in a Constitution that recognizes that all rights emanate from individual people as given by God. Rights are not granted back to the people from the government. A Bill of Rights is not necessary because any power not given to the government by default remains with the people as individuals.

Providing enumeration of the rights of the people in the constitution gives rise to government tyranny and the assumption of government power to any situation not specifically enumerated. The Government through its tyrants will take the people’s God given rights. Could you ever craft a “Bill of Rights” complete enough to thwart the designs of those bent on enhancing their own position?

A new Constitution must be clear in its design to limit the inevitable overreaching ambitions of those who seek power for themselves, but also must limit the majority of the people when their wishes for conformity violates your rights as an individual. We are not to be a majority rules society. We must be a society of sovereign individuals with agreed upon rules governing our individual quest to support each other in prosperity and freedom. This can only happen by crafting a constitution that sets strict procedures for the use of limited government powers along with effective checks on that power.

To design a proper constitution that acts as a guide rail for a society of free individuals we must identify the elements to be considered in the design.

The first element is the Individual with whom all rights emanate. Each person must have the maximum sovereignty over his own life that is possible without infringing on the sovereignty of his neighbor. As the individual’s power is limited by lack of resources, his sovereignty over his decisions during the course of his life should be maximized. As the government’s collective power is unlimited by the availability of collective resources, the government’s sovereignty must be limited to actions that enhance freedom and liberty.

The majority of the people should not collectively be able to infringe on the sovereignty of each individual. Thus our constitution should be designed to a Balance of Sovereignty. The Sovereignty of the individual is great as his power is limited and the power of government is great but its sovereignty over our lives must be limited to those functions necessary to enhance our freedom.

Unlike animals and other creatures on this earth, God gave us free will to choose the path of fulfillment that we see fit. If a government that believes it is looking out for our own interest’s limits our decisions in life, then isn’t that government defeating the very purpose that is its mission, supporting individuals following our God given free will in our quest through life. Short of our free will, are we any different than animals?

But we must have a strong government to protect the sovereignty of the individual from other individuals who wish us harm. So the second element in the design of a new constitution is a strong government that has the required checks and balances to insure people can control the tyranny of those who would use this institution for their own designs.

The third element required in the design of a constitution based on freedom and power granted by the people is responsibility. With the sovereignty that each individual retains for himself, they must respect that same sovereignty that each of his fellow citizens also yearns for. The new constitution must be a contract between men protecting the freedoms and liberties of each individual for the benefit of the individual.

Those who do not respect the sovereignty of their fellow countrymen should in turn not expect protection of a contract that they have no intention of honoring. They should lose their standing and protection as a citizen. An opposite danger exists in that the government could use false breaches as an excuse to gain power over honorable men. The loss of citizen in good standing status must be afforded the highest standards and checks, while at the same time demanding that all those who expect protection of their own personal sovereignty swear allegiance to that same standard for their neighbor.

The fourth element to consider is that a well functioning economy provides the resources that make our freedom possible. What good is freedom if we cannot feed our family or provide for a roof over their head? The greatest constitution in the world is useless with out the means to live our lives. In recognition of this basic fact, the new constitution should support a capitalistic economic model as the best model to balance individual freedoms along with economic prosperity.

Socialistic models must be specifically rejected in any area where the same product or service can be provided by the private sector. Only through a capitalistic model can individuals maximize their own personal sovereignty.

Then of coarse we have to recognize thousands of years of history and natural design in planning our new government. When we design our new constitution around individual sovereignty we must recognize that people are not able to except the responsibility of their own sovereignty until they are of age. The traditional family must be given special consideration in the new design as the best way to raise and teach our children to the point where they can assume the position of a responsible, sovereign adult. While tolerance for non-traditional families would naturally occur under a system of government where individual sovereignty is the design, the traditional family should be given special treatment as the best design to raise children.

Finally, as a man of free will, the ultimate decision a sovereign man must make is what God, if any, does that sovereign man have faith in. The best way for each man to have the maximum sovereignty over his own life is to have the choice of which religious teachings to follow. This is best accomplished by allowing all religions the maximum access to public life and to the public square as possible without allowing religion to interfere with each sovereign individual's rights.

Separation of church and state is a destructive concept as the whole purpose of the government is to allow each person the most access to religion possible so that they have a Free Will Choice. Religion itself must be restricted, not separated, from the constitution as all rights begin with the Sovereign individual. Religion must be limited to rules that only have the consequence of removal from that religion. Any rules that require punishment greater than this shall be considered a breach of an individual’s sovereignty. This would give the individuals protection from the tyranny of a theocracy while allowing exposure to varied teachings.

We can design a new government in a logical systematic way just as our forefathers did. What is required is the courage to recognize that our current system has been corrupted from its original design. We must then fight for a new design that respects individual sovereignty. Here is my vision of how the Preamble to this new constitution might read:

We the Sovereign People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, defend our God given rights as individuals, and to secure the blessings of prosperity and Liberty to ourselves, our families, and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of American and between sovereign citizens of good standing.

I have taken the first step here in establishing a dialog toward a new Constitution. I have put forward the concept of a “Balance of Sovereignty” where individual freedom is favored over collective freedom.

The elements of this concept are:

All rights belong to the people as individuals. Each person shall be afforded his sovereignty.

Government is only to have only those powers required to promote Freedom and Liberty.

With sovereignty comes responsibility. Those who do not respect the sovereignty of their neighbors will lose their protections as an individual under the constitution.

A free market economic system promotes prosperity while preserving liberty.

The traditional family shall be afforded special consideration as the best way to raise children to the point of adulthood and personal sovereignty.

Religious institutions shall be limited in power over the sovereignty of the individual but shall be allowed access to promote freedom of choice of the individual.

The next step is to address the issues that are prominent in today’s society and test these issues against the concepts listed. Below I will address the issue of today, one by one and together we can see if my concept of a Sovereignty Constitution is feasible. Of coarse freedom and liberty is always the ultimate goal in the quest to a more perfect union. We can live up to the standards of our founding fathers. The future of our children should drive us to this task. The quest for freedom must start with the first step.