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Common Sense Too: Part 3
Tolerance versus Forced Acceptance:

There are different elements to protecting our natural right of individual sovereignty. Not only do we need to protect ourselves from an overreaching tyrannical government but we must also protect against the tyranny of the majority of the electorate. Equally we must be vigilant against those who would use our constitution as a shield while violating the rights of others and demanding the very same rights for themselves. For governance under the concept of rights to work properly those rights should only be afforded to those who in turn respect those same rights for their neighbor.

A balancing act is required as government could falsely take away menís rights to suppress opposition to their tyranny. The standard for removing the rights and sovereignty of individuals must be held to the highest standard to balance the danger of government tyranny with holding responsible those who consciously and intentionally violate the rights of others.

But for freedom and liberty to flourish, we must all embrace our own personal responsibilities that come with the rights that we all should expect and demand. We must tolerate the decisions of others as they exercise their rights to individual sovereignty.

I ask you to consider two groups that can live together despite their cultural differences. The religious right can co-exist with people who practice alternate lifestyles. Tolerance is needed in support of our individual rights. Forced acceptance by one group or the other will cause division and strife. The conflicts and government intervention that will result from forced acceptance will reduce our rights and our individual sovereignty.

The rights of the alternate lifestyle community and of all Americans are actually protected more under a form of government where individual freedom is respected. A constitution that limits the power of the government and allows each person the maximum sovereignty possible over their own lives is an integral part of protecting our rights.

I ask you to look within yourself to see if you believe in individual sovereignty? Your first emotional response to this question probably is, ďI absolutely believe in individual rights and sovereignty.Ē† But if you are for universal health care then how can you honestly say that you are for individual sovereignty?† If society can tax away my money, provide my healthcare, provide limits on my relationship with my doctor, then how am I a sovereign individual free to make decisions that affect only my life.† This can be applied to Social Security, my kids Education, and many other issues where the government interferes in my decisions that only affect my life.

If you look inside yourself, and do an honest assessment, you might have to admit you are not for individual sovereignty.† You are at best for collective freedom where we as a society, through our vote, decide the rules and rights of society. Each individualís rights are ever changing as the whims and wishes of the society as a whole changes. But keep in mind under this system any rights that you think you have today may not exist tomorrow. While todayís society currently is showing some tolerance toward the alternate lifestyle agenda, the majority view could shift causing a loss of the perceived rights that have been advanced.

I believe in the concept expressed in the Declaration of Independence, that all rights are born of men and that government only has those limited powers given to it by the consent of those governed. The purpose of government under this concept is to provide an institution amongst men to protect us from the misdeeds of each other and those of foreign invaders.† The concept does not include protecting us from our own misdeeds. Each person must have the maximum individual sovereignty possible over his own life without infringing on the same rights his fellow neighbor must expect. This form of government can only exist when each person, while expecting his own freedom and sovereignty, takes responsibility for protecting the freedom and sovereignty of his fellow man.

Under a system that respects individual sovereignty it is inevitable that people will make different choices in their lives that can cause friction between each other. The key to keeping these differences from erupting into conflict is to embrace the concept of individual sovereignty and tolerate that under this concept we must allow people the freedom to choose their path in life no matter how offensive we may find it.† People must be afforded the maximum sovereignty over their own lives that is possible without affecting that same right for their neighbor.† We can and must all unite around this concept as the support of patriots is the pillar that all our rights rest upon. Even in our differences together we can be the pillar of freedom.

While we must tolerate our differences we need not accept those choices. Our sovereignty over our own lives includes choosing to support or reject different paths by others.† We must tolerate the choices of other in our business dealings as we must all work together to support our economy. This economy makes our freedoms and choices possible.† In our private lives and associations we must give each other the personal room to exercise free will choices. Tolerance is required; Acceptance is given at each personís discretion.

Tolerance versus Acceptance.†The religious right believes that homosexuality is a sin and that marriage is a sacrament from God joining one man and one woman together as one.† Gay rights activists believe that they are born with their sexual preference and anyone who interferes with this natural yearning is forcing their religion upon others.† Under a system of government where each individual has sovereignty over his own life, these two groups would tolerate each others stands while not accepting the choices each other has made.† Putting differences aside, it is imperative that we all unite together as patriots to protect each otherís individual sovereignty as our rights and freedoms depend on this union.

I would contend that the religious right has been much more tolerant than gay rights activists in our present political atmosphere.

Some would point to abortion and marriage as two examples of the religious right imposing its religion on others.† I would argue that marriage is being used by the Gay community to impose its views on the religious right, not the other way around.† One can also believe that upon conception a person must be considered to have rights or all rights become arbitrary. The religious right can support these positions without imposing their religion on others.† Besides these two positions, positions that can be justified outside of religion, the religious right has been very tolerant of others. Keep in mind that if the religious right were to vote 100% together on an issue they would have the power to impose their will on all of us through the democratic process. They would have the power through their numbers to suppress the gay rights activists. Only through their tolerance and support of liberty are individual rights honored.

On the other hand the gay activists are engaged in what they consider their civil rights movement.† They have no tolerance for the views of the religious right or any other person who does not support their views. Same sex marriage is just another incremental step in forcing others to ACCEPT their lifestyle.† They will not accept that others just tolerate their lifestyle. If they are successful at obtaining government sponsored gay marriage they will not stop there.† Maybe they will use their influence in government to revoke the tax status of any religion that discriminates against gays.† Maybe they will move to ban the Boy Scouts. Maybe they will have any discussion on talk radio or in the newspaper that disparages the gay lifestyle labeled as hate speech. Any honest assessment of the gay activist agenda can come to no other conclusion: they wish to force acceptance of their lifestyle on all of society. Tolerance of the views of the religious right is just not in the cards.

The majority of the people in this country have a strong belief in a Christian God. Imagine if all these people banded together and decided their view of marriage and homosexuality and God is the only correct view.† Imagine if they decided to force others into acceptance of their views as the Gay Rights Activists are attempting to do now. Under a democratic group rights form of government the majority can force its views on all of society through the election process.† They could force ACCEPTANCE of their views while not TOLERATING the views of others.† Gay activist may think they are advancing their rights and freedoms by FORCING SOCIETY TO ACCEPT their lifestyle. The true way to advance gay rights and all menís rights is to embrace limited government and individual sovereignty.

If we as a country can unite together to support each other in freedom, while tolerating our differences, we could accomplish great things throughout the world.† As a divided country we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves to spread freedom to other repressed peoples in the world.† Gays in other parts of the world face a daunting life. Individual Sovereignty is not even a concept that is considered. While Gay Activist are fighting against faux oppressions that they see occurring in the United States they are working against their best interests as they are dividing our country and making it impossible for us to fight real oppression; Oppression that is happening to Gays, Women and many other people throughout the world.

Collective Sovereignty and Rights under a Majority Rules Democracy, or Individual Sovereignty and Rights under a Limited Power Republic; Forced Acceptance under one, Tolerance under the other. Look within yourself and understand the differences between the two forms of government before you evaluate where you stand on Gay Rights or any other issue.

As sovereign individuals we have the right to associate with people whose values match our values. Under a system of government that recognizes individual rights we must respect the sovereignty of others and tolerate their choices.