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Common Sense Too: Part 3
Protect Us from Each Other and Foreign Invaders:

Government is a tool, a necessary evil, required to protect ourselves from the vices and weakness of character that many succumb to through ignorance or ambition. As the temptation of power and conquest is strong in many men, our tool to resist such invasions on our rights must be equal to the task. A screw driver is a tool with a specific purpose. It could also be misused as a pry bar, but it will eventual break when wielded in such an inappropriate manor.

Government must be a strong tool to accomplish the task at hand but must only be used for its intended purpose. This tool, misused once, will become a tool for any conceivable task including the suppression of the very people it was designed to aid.

To some government itself is an entity. Government is not a tool but a collective of all of us. All of us combined together become the entity as represented by the government. If you believe in this form of government then you must believe the whole is more important than the individual. Since government is us and is the entity, we become the tool and we lose our rights as individuals, existing only as a small part of the entity.

Reject government as an entity. It is your natural right to be a free sovereign individual. It is not only your right, but it is also your duty to stand for this same right for your fellow man and your posterity.

Just as in battle your enemy can capture your tools and use them against you, the same can occur with government. It can be used to protect individual sovereignty in the right hands or it can be turned against us if used improperly. Government should never be used improperly as a tool to protect us from our own decisions and thus invade our own sovereignty. But equally important is that government must be used to protect us from those who would violate our own rights as individuals. We must show strength through the power of our government against foreign invaders and we must do all in our power to prevent our government from falling under the control of tyrants and enemies.

When we stay vigilant in the care of our government, our tool, we will have advantage over adversaries as our government is born of free individuals commited to the principles that formed that government. Tyrants and Dictators have only the devotion caused of fear as their foundation.

One danger that exists is when enemies from within use our constitution as their shield when they themselves wish to undermine those same rights by which they demand protection. Treasonous activities once prosecuted are now accepted as an act of liberty, when control and tyranny is the true intent. Use free speech to advance the cause of thought control. Use our tool, our government, against us.

Is it not great that we live in a country where I can write of my disagreements with my government and my fellow Americans without fear of retributions? We all hold up our first amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of the press as a fundamental protection from a tyrannical government.

Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms and Voting Rights are all vehicles for the people to protect themselves by setting themselves up as a check and balance to the powers of the three branches of government. Without free speech the voters cannot be properly informed on the actions of their political leaders and in turn cannot make corrections by way of the election process.

While one man with a gun cannot act as a check and balance to the government an armed general public can act as a deterrent to a tyrant who might consider bypassing the elections process. Together these powers give the public the power to control their government from the designs of those who might wish to enhance their own position through government control.

But we must keep in mind that the goal of this arrangement is for each individual to be sovereign over his own life to the greatest extent possible without violating that same individual sovereignty of another person.

When our government was founded our forefathers were most afraid of government tyranny and created a constitution to limit the powers of that government while at the same time giving it enough power to ensure our national defense.

I would contend that while our federal government has encroached on our individual sovereignty through creative interpretation of the constitution, we must also fear other internal forces that would use our constitution as a tool for their follies. They will use the Constitution, as a shield to protect their activities while their very goal is to destroy the concept of individual sovereignty.

Islamic Fascists are one group that are willing to use any means necessary to undermine our freedoms while using our own laws against us, but the more disturbing trend is the advancement of socialists that proclaim to be the arbiters of freedom and rights while their intention is to promote collective control over individual sovereignty. Others believe that we should be a democratic, majority rules society where rights change at the whims of the electorate.

We are faced with the dilemma of designing a government with the strength to protect us against those who would violate our individual sovereignty while at the same time we must limit that government so it does not itself become a tool of tyrants.

One example of Americanís weakening us from within is how the press has been undermining our governmentís efforts against Islamic terrorists.

We as Americans have lost our resolve and we are letting our country to be destroyed from within. In the misguided notion that we must protect ourselves from our own government at all costs, we have failed to recognize that tyranny can come in the form of treasonous individual and groups within our country. We MUST protect ourselves from a tyrannical government but equally we MUST stand against those who fight against our individual rights while using the constitution as their shield.