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Common Sense Too: Part 2
A Call for a Constitutional Convention:

As we currently are governed under a supposedly concise constitution that purports to limit the powers of the central government, and has as its foundation a document that advocates the separation of Society and Government, one might ask how we find ourselves in our current state of affairs. A constitution is just another piece of paper, or worse a tool for tyrants, if it is not based on just principles and backed by blood and sacrifice of those who believe in the principles contained there within. While we must acknowledge the wisdom and dedication of our founding fathers to the principles of liberty and freedom, we must dedicate ourselves to these same principles and recognize our own potential for greatness. Our founding fathers were ordinary people who did extraordinary things when faced with extraordinary obstacles.

Our constitution was a great step forward in curbing the tyranny of a King and was the map for bringing freedom and liberty through limited government to a new nation. We must continue our journey forward toward liberty, as those who seek power have found the flaws in our constitution and have exploited these flaws for their own purposes; but worse yet they use the constitution, that they have exploited, as evidence of their supposed lawfulness, while imposing their tyranny upon us. We must rise up and meet the challenges just as our founding fathers did two centuries ago or we must accept the tyranny that is only limited by the conscience and pragmatism of our oppressors.

In this journey, I call for the need to forge a new constitution; embracing the concepts of our current constitution, that promote limited government and the equality of all men, while recognizing the flaws that allow for tyranny to exist and freedom to wallow. I call for a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION; I call for a renewal of our government; I call for the unshackling of our Society; I call for the restoration of the equal standing of all men. If we are not up to the task of creating our own constitution to correct flaws that time has revealed, then why do we think that a constitution can, drafted two centuries ago, having only our resolve as its means of enforcement, protect us from tyranny? If we are not up to the former task then why would we be up to the latter?

The first step to correcting the deficiencies that ails us is to recognize the form of our current government as its true form is hidden; cloaked behind the veil of our own constitution. Our constitution is based on a rule of law that recognized the need for limited government to provide for order and security, while allowing society to flourish. The constitution is a document that gives our government specific limited powers. Our only protection against tyranny is the adherence to clear and concise rules of law limiting the power of government and limiting in kind the power of government officials.

Our current government consists of elected officials that have found ways around this concept and have transformed our government into a majority rule form of government as opposed to the rule of law form of government that was originally intended. Politicians gather power by attracting votes from a divided electorate combining stances on issues to their advantage.

The first evidence that can be brought forth, and the most powerful, that our government has gone astray is contained in “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine, the document that this writing is based on. Common Sense was the document that leads to the Declaration of Independence and eventually to our constitution. In it you will find that Society and Government are to be kept separate as Society is a blessing and Government is but a necessary evil. This is the origins of our constitution, but today we find our central government involved in all aspects of our social life, from social security retirement to education. How is it possible that our government can originate from Thomas Paine’s great work; warning of the need for limited government; and end up being the tyrannical tool that he warned about?

Common Sense is all that is needed to know of this absurdity. Any social involvement of our federal government is a fabrication, brought on by our fear of each other combined with the opportunity of gain for our tyrants. One might fear that their neighbor will not properly educate their children in a civil fashion and thus allows one’s own rights to educate one’s own children to suffer under the weight of this fear. The tyrant, seeing an opportunity to shape society in his own image, is more than happy to provide this protection to the fearful, all the while receiving praise for his efforts. If we are so fearful as to not allow our fellow man such liberties, then we might just as well be ruled by a king, one who would be more than happy to protect us from each other, of course at his own enhancement. It would then follows that all men would not be equal, contrary to our natural right.

Of coarse those who feel themselves to be superior will argue otherwise using all manor of deception to protect their power and position. They will point to volumes of legal precedent; they will cite scholars before them and the wisdom of their judgment; their presentation will be confident and intimidating as they must overcome your common sense and your natural rights; they will look you straight in the eye and tell you that our constitution was designed not only to promote security and liberty, but also to promote the social graces that bless our society; and without the dedication to your own natural rights and the rights of your fellow man, your fears and vices will lead you to believe these well spoken men who aim to be your oppressor.

Armed with the ability to deceive us, the politicians and lawyers HAVE ways around the words and the rule of law preserved in our constitution. Instead of defending the constitution, as is their sworn oath, they devise ways to shape society in their image by bribing the electorate with favors taken from our own pockets. Laws are not based on a constitution that limits government power; laws are based on obtaining the majority of the votes and the rule of man.