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Common Sense Too: Part 3
Individual Sovereignty and Your Spirit Taken:

Let your heart be empty for through your own apathy and inaction you have let your spirit, that brightens your soul and gives you purpose, to be taken. Our country has as its birth the pamphlet “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine that proclaims government a necessary evil. “Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one.”

We have drifted from a Society where each person works together while taking his own path in life, to being collective dependents linked together by the force and oppression of our own government. How can our government be born of and be designed to the principle of limiting the government to the least intrusive necessity in support of freedom and society, and end up as a government that always strives for maximum power and control over our lives? A government that stretches well beyond a state of necessary evil to push the limits of an intolerable evil, just short of invoking the people’s wrath.

We must look to human nature and history to understand our dilemma. Throughout the history of man, those in power have exploited conflict for their own empowerment. If all men could live in peace and tolerance then there would be no need for some to rise over us all. Governments have exploited the conflicts between individuals to take its place above men. The one exception has been the government designed by our founding fathers. A government designed on individual rights. This concept has been our blessing as we have become the greatest country that has ever existed on this earth. Each individual can choose to maximize their own potential while supporting that same freedom for his neighbor.

The concept of a limited federal government started to be eroded around the 1900’s. One example of this intrusion was the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914. This act was originally crafted to meet the requirements of the constitution as this act covered licensing and importation of narcotics. However this act contained hidden clause that the federal government used to enforce prohibition on doctors and the American public. With little objection to federal enforcement and intrusion, this law was strengthened through the years and eventually led to the creation of the DEA in 1973.

While you might find drug enforcement a worthy cause for the federal government to undertake on our behalf, you might want to consider the effect of this intrusion that probably seemed minor at the time of its inception. Here is a partial list of Federal Government agencies that exist today because Federal Powers were not objected to and have become the norm:

Drug Enforcement Agency
Education Department
Agricultural Department
Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Health and Human Services
Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Department
Center for Disease Control
Social Security Administration
Internal Revenue Service
Consumer Product Safety Administration
Labor Department
Housing and Urban Development Department
Farm Services Administration

United States Government Directory

The above is only a partial list of government agencies that exist today. You can go to the government link above to see a list of all the Federal Government Agencies that exist today. You will be shocked. Drug enforcement may have seemed like an acceptable incursion by the Federal Government but when you see the expansion of government powers that has been born of this indiscretion you will understand how 100 years of limited government was lost. The progressive tyrants needed only this little crack in the respect of limited federal government to multiply their own powers at the sacrifice of your individual sovereignty.

Individual Sovereignty was eroded with the acceptance of drug enforcement laws by the federal government in the early 1900’s. Congressional power was cemented by the Supreme Court in the United States vs. Darby case of 1941. It is your natural right to INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY. Stand up and demand it! Stand up and PROCLAIM:

I am a patriot and I retain my natural right of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, for myself and my fellow AMERICANS. I do not accept your tyranny. I will fight with my will and my heart against the oppression that is our government.