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Common Sense Too: Part 4
A Modern Boston Tea Party:

We are currently oppressed by a majority democratic form of government. Tyrants have years and even generations of practice in the art of deception, bribes, and division. As those oppressed have no such skills or the heart for such deeds they feel there is no path to restore their natural rights that the tyrants have taken through their craft. Just as the tyrant would have minimal skills in your trade, you have little chance of battling the tyrant in his arena. You have little chance of turning around the majority of the electorate who has grown to accept the bribes of the tyrant as payment for their loyalty and at the expense of all our natural rights.

The source of frustration and apathy in those oppressed, lies in the capitalistic economic system that was meant to enhance our liberties but is being manipulated by politicians as a tool to enact their taxation and tyranny. At one time most people could produce their own food and to a large extent a family working together could provide for most of their wants. Under our current economic system each person benefits by specializing in one trade or task. Often one person only provides a portion of the skills required to produce even one product. As a result individuals are no longer skilled in providing for the most basic of wants. If placed outside of this system many individuals would not even have the skills to provide for their own food, let alone clothing and shelter.

As a result most of us are dependent on each other and the current system to provide for our sustenance. This puts each of us in a vulnerable position. If we have objections to our current system we can not choose to stop participating in that system as our very lives hang in the balance. When the politicians take control of this economic system and manipulate the system to their advantage we see no actions available to correct any injustices. Our only opportunity to control our predicament is through our vote. When the skilled politician uses his craft to lead the majority of the people to a level of government that violates your natural rights you see no path to right this wrong. Frustration and Apathy sets in as you come to accept your current fate. Your predicament might be compared to that of a robber holding a gun to your head.

However, I would point to the time of our founding fathers to give you hope and inspiration. Your natural rights are worth fighting for. Resistance can eventually lead to change. The formation of our country in 1776 is testament to this possibility. This great event in history, and in our lives, was made possible by the resistance of a few citizens in Boston. The Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773. At the time I am sure those who participated did not imagine that this would lead to the formation of the greatest nation ever to exist. A nation built on the concept of natural rights.

The patriots of the Boston Tea party were upset at what they saw as an unfair tax on tea. So they raided the tea ships and threw the tea in the harbor in protest. It is time for each of us to do our own part in protest. Our tyrants also enslave us through taxation. Our time and effort is given to the government in the form of higher price paid for items we purchase. We must starve our master by refusing to work in slavery to support his elevated position.

You must learn to do for yourself and your family to the best of your ability. If you have enough land plant a victory garden. Every meal that you can provide for yourself is a meal that the tyrants can not collect tax on. If you don't have land then build a pantry in your basement and buy food in bulk, reducing the price that the tyrant can extract from you. Learn to play an instrument, play sports with your friends, volunteer at church, find ways to entertain yourself that does not require the exchange of money. Buy used items in private deals to avoid taxes and reduce costs. Barter with friends and associates when posible. Homeschool your kids. Buy a wood stove and then cut and split your own wood. These steps will require great changes to the way you approach life and will require much more effort and work from you. But wouldn't you rather put in more work as a free man than to work in slavery at the will of the majority that feeds at the trough of your labor?

Be vigilant in taking every dollar of government money and benefits that you have coming to you. The idea is to starve the government of the money it uses as the source of its tyranny. You can reduce your spending to reduce the tax revenue, but you can also draw more money from the government to reduce the tax stockpile.

Work Less! As you can provide more for your family with less money by following the tea party tactic above, why should you work overtime? Remember the value of the money that the tyrants use for their high standing is base on the faith and credit of the American People. Government workers produce little to nothing. If the private sector workers stop working as much then the tyrants dollars will be worth less. Then they will not have as much to hand out in bribes to their freeloading government workers. Their bribes along with their convertion of our system of government to a democracy is the source of their power.

As you can see your vote has been rendered useless as a majority vote is required to make a difference. And unfortunately we have reached a place in our history where those receiving their income from the government in one form of another now make up the majority. But as you are the good faith and credit of our currency, not the freeloaders, you can still send a message to the government tyrants by withholding your good faith and credit by refusing to work in 50% slavery conditions. Reduce your spending, reduce your work. Soon the freeloaders will get restless as their bribe payments are reduced and the tyrants will start to sweat.

What I am asking you to do above is drastic so I suspect that you will not labor toward this cause. As industry and technology has increased our standards, I suspect that you will accept working 50% for the government and 50% for yourself as you can still live a bearable life as a 50% slave. The tyrants will always be searching for the upper limits of taxation to maximize their standing in society while deceiving you into thinking that you are free. And maybe they will have earned their tidings as this illusion might just make the pain of a slaves heart just a little bit more bearable to live with.