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Common Sense Too: Part 4
Sovereignty of the Unborn:

The abortion debate is divisive and the defining issue of the feminist movement as reproductive freedom is required in the feministís mind to put women on equal footing with men in their careers if they choose this path in life. This truly is a Pro-Choice issue to them, as they want women to be able to choose the path for their lives free from the moral judgments of society. They also want women to be free from the imposition of the religious values of other. Women should have the freedom to decide their own religious leanings.

Those who are Religious Pro-Life believe that God has created man in his own image and at conception a fetus is a Person. Feminist sees this view as the religious right imposing their religion on everyone else and this cannot be tolerated.

We could debate how people can believe in God and also be Pro-Choice. How can you believe that men have souls but only once they are born, not when they are in the womb? Once you justify the destruction of another soul doesnít that nullify your belief in God as the Almighty, reigning over mankind?

And what if a women, having an abortion on a spur of the moment decision, is currently searching for her beliefs only to latter in life find Her God. Would she not face great struggles in her earlier decision? Or maybe she will never find Her God because the decision to abort her child prevents her from considering this avenue.

But as religious belief should be an individualís issue this debate will never be resolved as each personís beliefs are different. One can only ask those who are Pro-Choice to consider the consistency of their individual stand on this issue with their own belief in God.

Letís visit this issue from another angle. If you are a Pro-Choice Feminist, I would ask you to consider this issue from a non-religious Pro-Life, Pro-Sovereignty view. As women it is your lead that will be followed on this issue. Men do not have to carry children and will subjugate their position to you. It is up to you to provide the leadership on this issue. I ask you as feminist to consider the source of the advancement in freedoms that women today enjoy.

The best way to protect all womenís freedom is to protect the sovereignty of all people, including unborn children. Only by protecting the rights of all people can a system of government exist that protects any personís rights. What justification is there for protecting the rights of only women and not the rights of the weakest amongst us?

You might say that our current system of government does protect our rights while at the same time allowing for the Pro-Choice position. I would ask you to consider the logic of that position.

You might argue that there is protection for the right to privacy (and thus abortion) contained in the constitution. But this right was not always recognized in our countryís history, and in the future, through the same process of Supreme Court Politics, this right could be taken away again.

I believe that our current government has evolved into a majority rules government in contrast to the republic form of government that our forefatherís set up. In a majority rules form of government, your rights only exist as determined by the whims of the majority of the population through their elected officials. A politically appointed Supreme Court could just as easily rule that the words ďBlessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our PosterityĒ in the preamble of the Constitution gives protections to unborn children. Then not only would the federal right to an abortion be lost but the states could not allow abortions either.

Under this system of government, where the meaning of the constitution can be changed to meet the requirements of a demanding electorate through their elected politicians, we can have no set rights as all rights can be modified through interpretation and manipulation.

A system of government that protects all peopleís rights, because each person is born with those rights, not granted those rights from the government, is the only way for the people to protect their rights against the tyranny of that government and the tyranny of the majority. The majority of the electorate should not be allowed to vote away rights that you alone posses. All those who believe in a system of rights must stand against any tyranny that infringes on those rights, as the support of patriots is the only protection for those rights.

As feminists, protecting the rights of women and unborn children, you can lead society to great changes and advancements. We could unite as a nation to advance the cause of repressed women throughout the world instead of wasting our efforts battling each other. We could unite about the principle of individual sovereignty along with individual responsibility. We could unite around the issue of preventing unplanned pregnancy and work together to support women when an unwanted pregnancy does occur.

But to reach this point you must first understand that true believers in God believe that an abortion is a murder just the same as if a mother had killed her two-month-old baby and they will never abandon this stance. They are NOT trying to impose their religion on the mother; they are trying to protect the rights of an innocent person.

You too should take this stand to protect the rights of all people because this is the only philosophical stand that guarantees the rights of all people. If a person does not have rights upon conception then rights are an arbitrary concept only available through force and power. If you were not created with rights then any rights that you have will only be determined by the majority political power of the society in which you were born. These rights, being arbitrary, can change as the will of the society changes.

Only when each person is created with individual rights can each of us be protected from the tyranny of the majority. Each of us must do our utmost to stand for each otherís individual rights as only through this philosophy can any of us claim any rights as our own.

As you can see from this, the feminism that you strive for and the rights of women will never be secure as no rights can exist, including womenís rights, without the acknowledgment and devotion of all to the rights of all persons, including the unborn. This is not a stand based on any particular religion, this is a stand that recognizes that humans are born different than animals and are born with a yearning for freedom and liberty unlike any other creature on earth. This is a recognition that we must all fight for the rights of all people or our own rights do not exist as a principle, they only exist in arbitrary political power.

You became a feminist because, in your heart, you had that yearning for freedom that exists in all people but as a woman you did not have an equal opportunity to strive for that freedom.

You can be Pro-Life and also be a Feminist. As a feminist you can fight for the independence of women, as a mother you can feel the humanity of the unborn child, as a person and a patriot you must guard the rights of all people.