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Common Sense Too
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Common Sense Too
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Common Sense Too
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Common Sense Too: Part 2
Recipe for Tyranny:

Of coarse this tyranny can not exist without our apathetic compliance. Letís examine the elements that contributed to our current state:

We are currently ruled under a constitution that was adequate to rule a society that existed at the time of its conception, as honor back then was held in much higher esteem than in todayís society, but this constitution is inadequate to address the issues involved in governing todayís society. This is not to diminish the greatness of this document and our founding fathers. They could not have possibly foreseen the wickedness and tyranny that lied ahead.

The language as spoken in 1787 has evolved to present day; to the point where the meaning and structure of phrases are interpreted differently or are no longer understood in its original intent. Interpretation of the constitution is manipulated to meet the designs and intents of todayís ruling class, not the original intent of the founding fathers.

Representation of the electorate gave way to the emergence of a two party system where the elected loss touch with their electorate and shift allegiance to their party. This system results in the division of the country as the two parties compete to offer government bribes to the divided factions of the population.

The growth of the military strength of the federal government. No matter how tyrannical the federal government becomes, they have the means to enforce their tyranny on the people despite objections that could legitimately be raised.

Economic and technological advancements have made it possible for the electorate to live comfortable lives even as their natural rights and liberties are violated.

Allowing the government to have power over social concerns. A limited government should be restricted to securing our freedoms and liberties. A government involved in social concerns will infringe on the individualís rights to make such social designs for themselves.

The acceptance of the LIES, by the general population, of our current form of government. Our constitution and our federal government were clearly designed to be limited in design with most powers reserved to the states and to the people. If some would prefer to change this design to that of a majority rule design with increase federal government power, then the constitution should be rewritten to reflect this design. Instead we ignore the design of the constitution; and enforce it, contrary to the word contained there within, to meet our own designs. If the words, with their original intent, have no meaning then how can these words protect us from tyranny? One might just as soon use a childrenís fable as our constitution.