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Common Sense Too: Part 2
Examination of Government Expenditures:

Editors Note: This chapter was written in late 2006 and some of the links to figures may no longer be active. However government spending has only increased as a percentage of GDP since this writting so the point made is still valid.

Facts and figures are needed to get a real understanding of how far government has taken over all aspects of our lives through taxation. The number of different ways the government taxes us at all the different levels is intentionally designed to confuse the electorate and hide the true scope of the government. The average person does not know how much they pay in taxes because of this complexity. An easier way to examine the problem is to examine expenditures and convert the expenditure to per capita figures.

To examine the expenditures of all government in the name of each person in the United States of America, I have done an analysis of the expenditures for each person in my home location of Upper Milford Township in Pennsylvania. Iím sure you could do a similar analysis of expenditures in your location with similar results.

The figures shown are not all from the same year and some figures are budget figures, not actual expenditures, but all the same the figures will enlighten you and give you a ball park view of the tyranny that is your government. The figures include: federal government, state government, county government, local government, and school district expenditures:

U.S. Government Projected expenditures for 2007 = $2,770,000,000,000
2007 U.S. Budget Figures

U.S. Census Total Population as of 2005 = 296,410,404 persons
2005 U.S. Census Figures

Fed Spending=$2,700,000,000,000/296,410,404 persons = $9,345/person

Pennsylvania Projected expenditures for 2006-2007= $26,100,000,000
Pennsylvania 2006 State Budget Figures

U.S. Census Pennsylvania Population as of 2005 = 12,429,616
2005 U.S. Census Figures for Pennsylvania

State Spending =$26,100,000,000/12,429,616 persons=$2100/person

U.S. Median Lehigh County PA Household Income 2005 = $44,335
2005 U.S. Census Figures for Lehigh County

Persons per household 2005 = 2.48
2005 U.S. Census Figures for Lehigh County

Lehigh County PA Budget Revenue for 2007 not from state/federal Grants
$177,004,926 - $59,773,983 = $117,230,943
2007 Projected Budget Figures for Lehigh County

U.S. Census Lehigh County PA Population as of 2005 = 330,433
2005 U.S. Census Figures for Lehigh County

County Spending per Person=$117,230,943/330,433 persons=$355/person

East Penn School Budget not from state/federal Grants = $74,470,893
2006 East Penn School District Budget

Number of Students in K-12 = 7,348
2006 Great Schools - East Penn School Student Population

Lehigh County person between 5years and 18 years 23.4%-6.2%=17.2%
2005 U.S. Census Figures for Lehigh County

Local East Penn Spending per student=$74,470,893/7,348 persons=$10,135
Cost per Resident per year =$10,135 x 17.2% / 100% = $1743/person

Upper Milford PA Budget not from state/federal Grants 2004 = $1,172,626
Center For Local Government Services

Upper Milford Twp PA Population as of 2004 = 6,889 persons
Center For Local Government Services

Upper Milford Spending=$1,172,626/6,889 persons=$170/person

Total Government spending per resident Upper Milford Twp. Pennsylvania
Federal Spending= $2,700,000,000,000/296,410,404= ...$9,345/person
State Spending=$26,100,000,000/12,429,616=................$2100/person
County Spending=$117,230,943/330,433=.......................$355/person
Cost per School Resident=$10,135 x 17.2% / 100% =......$1743/person
Upper Milford Spending=$1,172,626/6,889=....................$170/person
Grand Total = ...................................................................$13,713/person

Total Government Spending per median household of 2.48 persons
$13,713 per person x 2.48 persons = $34,008 per household

Median Household Income Lehigh County = $44,335

Percent Government Spending per median Lehigh County Household $34,008 / $44,335 x 100% = 74.5 percent

Of coarse each median household does not pay 74.5% of their income in taxes as we have a progressive tax system with wealthier taxpayers paying a large share of the difference in taxes for the median household. The critics will point to flaws in the above analysis without giving a more accurate analysis of their own. They require the true figures to be hidden to protect the status quo. They will only discredit the above figures without giving honest figures of their own.

These figures are damning as they expose the current design of our majority rule government. The government is spending more on the median taxpayerís behalf then the median taxpayer is paying in taxes. 50 percent or more of the population should be paying more in taxes if they were to pay their share of the governments expenditures per capita. The government pays bribes back to the taxpayers in the form of retirement, welfare, schooling, Medicare and on and on. Since over 50 percent of the electorate sees the benefits of government as being greater than the cost to them, they will keep on supporting these tyrants even in the face of lost freedoms.

Government is now involved in the social graces of our society, contrary to the intent of our founding fathers, and this system is guarantied to continue as the majority of the electorate continues to receive their bribes. Little do the masses understand that they are paying for these benefits as the costs of these bribes are passed on to themselves, as consumers, in higher costs on the services and products that they buy.

The tyrants control the masses through deception. They provide the electorate benefits and bribes. In turn the majority gives the tyrants their votes. The tyrants divide up their expenditures in such a complex manor as the elector can not possibly know the extent of the tyranny. The tyrants collect taxes in so many different manors as to conceal the true extent of taxation while shifting the greater burden to businesses and the wealthy. The businesses and the wealthy pass these taxes on to the masses in the form of higher prices. And as such the tyrants are buying our loyalty with our own money.

How better to illustrate the above tyranny then to imagine if all taxation was limited to one source for all levels of government. If for example all government was limited to a sales tax added to the transaction of money that occurs in the course of commerce. All levels of government would have to share this tax. As calculated by the Tax Foundation, all government together taxes 31.6% of our total incomes combined. For one simple sales tax to take a third of our income, that sales tax would have to be 50%. Explained more simply if we spent one dollar with a 50 cent tax added the governmentís take would be one third.

Tax Foundation Tax Freedom Day

If a king would tax his subjects 50% he would face the wrath of the people. Why do we allow this tyranny to occur under the cover of a shell game when we would never tolerate a simple 50% sales tax? Only through a constitution that limits government powers to securing manís natural rights can such tyranny be prevented. Men who see themselves as superior will always find a way, whether through intimidation or through deception, to take your personal power for his advantage. It only makes it all the worse that this occurs with our own blessing.